The Most Awaited “CBN Cyber Security Seminar and Workshop 2017”

to start you up with your secure business!

Marquee Conference Centre, Cyber 2 Tower 17th Floor, Jakarta.

Tuesday-Friday, 16th-19th May, 2017

Why CBN Cyber Security Seminar and Workshop 2017?

Limited Seat Available

Only 100 seats for one-day seminar and 40 seats for three-days workshop. Limited seat available with some awesome security experts!

Expert Speakers

Best in security expert speakers who have extensive knowledge of the topic. All speakers are curated by the panel of experts.

People around the industry!

Meet the people attending this event around the industry. This will be the best opportunity to meet and greet people from your industry.

Meet the Speakers

For more informations, registration and complete seminar and workshop schedule, please go to the official website below

CBN Cyber Security Seminar and Workshop 2017 Official Website


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